We are an Association dedicated to the longevity and health of Bees.
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Welcome to the Pierce County BeeKeepers Association

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Pierce County Bee Keepers website is designed for the purpose of informing beekeepers and the general public about our organization. Hopefully, after experiencing our website you will also have a better understanding of beekeeping and honeybees.  If you click on the calendar you will see planned events for the current year. These events include fun activities such as our annual beekeeper's picnic, field days, honey extraction demonstrations, and yearly Puyallup Fair activities. Apiculture is a wonderful art, and to help the younger generation get started, our organization has designated a study grant program . It includes mentoring by an experienced beekeeper, free classes on beekeeping, and supplies such as supers, wax foundation, frames, and a package of bees. We appreciate you visiting our website.  Enjoy all the Pierce County Bee Keepers Association has to offer.  Contact us directly for further information. 

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Board Approved
Bylaws for 2013
Board Approved Bylaws for 2013